Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation, Leather Cleaning & Specialty Items Cleaning

Wedding Gown1

  • Wedding Gown cleaning
  • Wedding Gown Preservation and Storage
  • Evening Gowns and Fine Apparel of all types
  • Leather, Suede & Fur Cleaning
  • Fine Silk Items Cleaned with Care

Wedding Gowns & Fine Garments:

A lot of care and consideration goes into selecting the perfect wedding gown. So, after your big day, trust in our expert staff to keep your gown picture perfect for future generations! At The Clothes Basket we offer wedding gown cleaning, preservation and storage. We are experienced at cleaning all types of delicate gowns, gently removing any stains or spots. You gown is then secured for storage in a windowed box, specially designed for gown preservation, ensuring its beauty for years to come! Contact Us for additional details.

Wedding Gown2Leather, Suede & Fur

Cleaning leather, suede and fur requires an experienced, delicate hand and the right products. With nearly 4 decades in business, The Clothes Basket offers expert cleaning for all types of leather and suede garments, as well as fine furs. In addition to apparel, we can also clean and recondition your leather purses, shoes, and more. Annual cleaning refreshes the look of your leather items and helps extend their life. Contact Us today for a free estimate.


Silk is a beautiful and delicate fabric that can very difficult to clean if you don’t utilize the right products and techniques. At The Clothes Basket, we are not intimidated by your fine silk  garments…we’ve been cleaning them for years! We can gently remove stains and dry clean your silk apparel, keeping it looking great. Contact Us to learn more.